About Us

Malektronic ® is committed to designing portable sound systems for music lovers with the highest standards of production. We love music and our goal is to offer products with excellent quality that can compete with the most popular devices, but at an affordable price.

Give any of your wireless audio devices an enhanced and incredible sound with the best portable wireless speakers. You can really enjoy the bass when you are listening to music or watching movies with our top wireless speakers.
You can use our top wireless speakers to listen to your favorite music, radio station, games, and even take a conference call from your phone, computer or any other wireless capable device. Additionally, you can even use it as a handsfree speaker in your car to answer your calls, since it has a built in microphone.
All of our wireless speakers are designed to be portable sound systems that produce great sound quality above all. With the durability and the size of our products, its easy to take our products anywhere. Take Malektronic ® speakers in your backpack, purse, suitcase, and your beach bag. Many of our products are ideal for travel, too.
Depending on the speaker, the built-in Lithium ion prime quality battery can give you 6 to 20 hours of nonstop power supply using the device at a moderate volume making our speakers the top wireless speakers in the market.
Malektronic ® speakers have a wireless range of 30-50 feet giving you the luxury of changing tracks and adjusting the volume while keeping your feet kicked up.

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