Support - My Malektronic wireless Speaker / Headphones / Earphones Sound "Hollow" when using computer.


When connecting your Malektronic Headphones, Earphones, or speaker to your computer they sound "hollow" or like they are playing sound in a large room or echo space.


Because most Malektronic wireless devices are speaker phone capable they have a mic. When your computer installs the default drivers for the device is notices that the device has a mic as well. This causes the computer to enable two profiles for your Malektronic device. These profiles are for using as a media device to play music or as a "hands free" headset for voice communications.

We have noticed that sometimes the profile for hands free headset is enabled and not the stereo profile. This causes this "in a large room" effect or "hollow" sound effect.


To correct this you just need to change to the stereo profile for the device.  This is commonly done in sound/speaker settings.


Windows 10
  1. Click the speaker icon in the system try found at the lower right of your screen.
  2. A menu slider will open with the currently selected sound profile showing. Click on the ^ in the top right corner of the menu to view all sound profiles.
  3. Now you can see all your sound profiles. Simply scroll down or up and ensure the correct "Stereo" profile for your device is selected. Do not select the "Hand Free headset" profile. 




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